Beers - Strong Ales

Forklift with KegsScottish Ale

Browner, maltier and fuller bodied than English beer. Because it ferments at a coller temperature than English beers, it has less of the fruity esters present. It has a caramel character with a hint of smoke flavor from peat roasted malts.
Products: Samuel Adams Scotch Ale, Samuel Adams Wee Heavy, Old Burnside Ten Penny Ale

English Old Ale

An ale a bit less strong than barley wine. Syrupy when young, it will improve with age. Full-bodied with a nutty malt sweetness, very estery and aggressively hopped.
Products: Fullers 1845, Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Barley Wine

Really just strong ale that is a little strong and maybe a bit darker than strong ale. They have extravagant caramel malt flavors balanced against bittering hops to prevent cloyness. Rich and viscous with a hint of sweetness, these beers can be aged.
Products: Sierra Nevada – Bigfoot Barleywine, Brooklyn Barley Wine