Beers - Pale Ales

Skids of Pales Ales in WarehouseBitter

An old term to designate the standard ale on draft. It is often just like a pale ale (which were in bottles) but with a more copper-red color. It’s kind of your everyday drinking mans beer when in a pub (a session beer). Light to medium body with an accent on hop aromas more than hop bitterness. They tend to show a fruity, mildly estery character.

Strong Bitter

A full-bodied robust version of bitter. Stronger in alcohol, maltier and more complex. (also “best bitter” or “Extra Special Bitter”)
Products: Fullers ESB, Rogue’s Brutal Bitter 187

English Pale Ale

Not really pale, but lighter than brown ales, it ranges from amber to deep copper. They are medium bodied, low maltiness, hoppy and well attenuated. They are fruity and estery and dry hopped.
Products: Samuel Adams Pale Ale

Stock Ale – American

A strong higher hopped ale brewed to be stored a long time in “Stock” cellars - - ale that is lagered. Sugar was sometimes added for higher alcohol. This gives the ale a smoothness not found in other ales. (Sam is also krausened)
Products: Samuel Adam’s Boston Ale, Rogue Imperial IPA

American Pale Ale

Result of the craft beer renaissance in America. They are crispier and generally much more happy than their English cousins but they do exhibit the same fruity and estery flavors. These American version are pale straw to amber in color.
Products: Sierra Nevada, Three Floyds

India Pale Ale (IPA)

Born as an export to India from England. (1827 shipwreck carrying 300 hogshead, 63 gallons each – brought the beer to Liverpool). It was brewed to a higher gravity so as to mature at sea. The high hopping was done to preserve the beer. It should show a medium body with evident alcohol and can have the fruity or estery notes common in ales. It is generally pale amber to copper in color.
Products: Anchor Liberty, Magic Hat Blind Faith, Sierra Nevada IPA, Samuel Adams Latitude IPA, New England Sea Hag IPA, Otter Creek Black IPA (Porter & IPA Fusion)