Beers - Hybrid Styles

Orange Blossom Hybrid Dring in WarehouseSteam Beer

California Common Beer – Lager yeast being fermented at ale temperature in San Fransisco during the gold rush period beginning in 1850. Germentation takes place in large shallow pan-shaped vessels (encouraging the lager yeast to settle). Lager was replacing ales at this time. Lager was easier to product in the colder great lakes region than in San Fran (artificial refrigeration was not yet available). This “lively” beer released it’s CO2 with a gush or with the sound of “steam” escaping when the keg was tapped.
Products: Anchor Steam (trademarked the term “steam”)

Cream Ale

Developed in the 1800 in America as a blend of Ale and Lager (as lager was catching on). Lager yeast and cold lagering produce a light to medium body with a high effervescence. Low hops aroma and bitterness with a slight fruity ester flavor. Dry and mild.
Products: Genesee Cream Ale, Rogue Honey Cream Ale